8 Tips for Sticking With Your Healthy Routine During the Summer

1. Hit the ground running.

With the sun coming up bright and early, give yourself the gift of time by getting a jump start on your workday. If your job is flexible, try flipping your laptop open two hours earlier so you can enjoy more time late afternoon for a hike, a swim, or trying a new, fresh recipe.

2. Stay Hydrated.

Summertime is hot, active, and busy. We want to make the most of this glorious season and amidst our packed schedule it’s easy to neglect some of most basic healthy habits. Carry a reusable water bottle and set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to hydrate. Find a water bottle that is lightweight and easy to hook onto a bag so you’ll never be without it.

3. Make active plans with friends to keep moving.

We all love dining out in the summer—there’s something magical about sitting out on a patio laughing with friends. But that increase of eating out can be akin to the overeating associated with the holidays. Be intentional about planning time with friends that is active, outdoors, and gets your heartrate up. Choose something active that you enjoy and share it with someone you care about—healthier relationships, healthier bodies.

4. Shop the farmers’ market for fresh fruit and veggies.

There is no better season for eating locally sourced foods. Get into a weekly rhythm of swinging through the farmers’ market. Grab a mix of fruits and veggies for snacking, plus extra items to star in that week’s meal plan. Once you have some goodies on hand, search your favorite healthy food blogs for recipes that let summertime produce shine.

5. Get some rest.

With so much sunlight it’s easy to stay up late every night. Set a reasonable bedtime for yourself on weeknights, and begin winding down at least an hour beforehand. Consider a simple summertime routine that will help your body know it’s bedtime, regardless of if the sun is still shining. Try a short walk, a mug of tea out on the porch, and then reading in bed as that sun begins to set. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night to maintain optimum health.

6. Don’t over-do it with the alcohol.

In summer just about anything can fall into the party category. A simple dinner out feels more exciting. A quick trip to the beach feels like vacation. Everything is just a little bit more celebratory when it’s warm and the sun is shining. It’s easy for alcohol to become an add-on to all kinds of activities during days and times we normally wouldn’t imbibe. Intentionally swap out other seasonal, healthy drinks in place of alcohol—grab some flavored seltzer for the beach, make sun tea out on your patio, keep a jug of water in the fridge with sliced cucumbers and mint leaves.

7. Fill up on watermelon as a snack.

Take advantage of this naturally sweet, summertime treat. It’s low in calories, loaded with vitamins, and contains a high water content to keep you fueled on hot days.

8. Don’t forget the sunglasses & sunscreen.

By mid-summer our sunscreen use often begins to dwindle. We may even tell ourselves that we don’t need it now that we have some level of a “base tan.” But protecting our eyes and skin from the sun should be a daily habit. Wear a daily facial moisturizer with SPF, keep quality sunglasses on hand in your backpack or tote, and always use sunscreen when you’ll be outdoors. Overexposure to the sun can have harmful effects, even if we don’t burn.

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