Introducing Pro Vibe Life

There was always a thought lingering in the back of my mind: is this all there is? There was no massive problem, no dramatic cliff-hanger, no scandal in my past—I was generally fine. I golfed with my buddies, was content with my work, and loved being a dad. Still, I knew deep down that something was missing.

I had sort of plateaued. I had settled into a life, into a space that was easy in a path-of-least-resistance kind of way. But deep down I wanted more. I wanted more from myself, for myself, and for my family. I wanted to be healthier, happier, a better version of myself. And I knew that if I wanted to change my life I’d have to change my vibe.

First things first, I gave up alcohol and it was really hard. I’d never had a drinking problem, but alcohol was very much a regular part of my lifestyle. Drinks after golf, beers in the evening—I knew it was contributing to my overall un-health. It may not be a lifestyle choice for everyone, but it was important for me. I quit cold-turkey. Incredibly difficult, but incredibly worth it.

My sons had been focusing on holistic nutrition for some time. They were really intentional about what they would eat, choosing whole foods, majoring on a plant-based diet. I’d been resistant. I said it was nonsense, but deep down I knew they were right. I could see the change in them, it was impossible to miss. It just seemed like too difficult of a switch.

But walking away from drinking was a challenge I had met, and it gave me the confidence to make an even bigger lifestyle change. I cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry and replaced all the processed foods with nutritious, whole foods. With my boys cheering me on I fully overhauled my diet and I had never felt better.

During this time, my son Jacob encouraged me to try hemp extract to alleviate my back pain and increase my mental focus. I’d never tried a natural approach to these issues that plagued me, but so far he hadn’t steered me wrong, and with a newly clean diet I was motivated to try a clean solution.

In just a short time of this new lifestyle I could already see and feel the difference—35 pounds lighter, healthier looking skin, better sleep, more energy. It truly changed my vibe, and gave me an overall better outlook on life.

Looking back, I wish I would have made this change earlier—but I’m grateful to be moving forward living into my full potential. And I’m forever grateful to my sons Matthew, Jacob, Rocco, and Anthony. Their research, guidance, and encouragement helped me step into the life I’d really wanted. And now we want to invite you to do the same.

This is why we started Pro Vibe Life. It’s a family owned, family run, family-inspired company. Our mission is to help you live your best, embrace all the opportunities that come your way, and maximize your potential.

We want to live with energy, positivity, and momentum—and we know you do, too. Let’s stop being bogged down by an unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s stop falling in line with the status quo. We were made for so much more.

If you feel stuck, don’t give up. If you’re trying to move forward, keep going. You can achieve the unthinkable with the right tools, information, and support. You can be the very best version of yourself. We’re here to help, and we’re cheering you on. Change your vibe, change your life. You’ve got this.

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