View all of our Certificate of Analysis (COA) reports, pesticide, and more. Everything is made from natural plant derived terpenes and the highest quality hemp derived cannabinoid rich distillate. Our products do not include harmful fillers or synthetic flavorings.

3rd Party Lab Test Results

Fruit Thins

Fruit Thins

Delta 8 & Full Spectrum options

Fruit thins are exactly as they seem. Thin, bite-sized pieces of real fruit and hemp extract. Free of any artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients.

Karma Caramels

Karma Hemp-Infused Calming Caramels

Karma Hemp-Infused Caramels

This isn’t your everyday CBD edible, this is an enhanced full spectrum experience in the form of a delicious salted caramel.

Pure Vibe Tincture

Pure Vibe Nano Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Citrus & Peppermint options

Pure Vibe nanoemulsified broad spectrum hemp extract oil is specifically crafted to provide quick relief and formulated to provide maximum benefits* for those working to elevate their day to day life.

Pure Vibe Shilajit

Pure Vibe Shilajit


Our shilajit is consciously gathered in the most pristine regions of the Altai Mountains that are teeming with a rich biodiversity of medicinal plant species.