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The Benefits of Vaping CBD

How would you feel if you worked out for an hour, but only burned calories for the first 10 minutes? How would you feel if you checked your retirement fund and most of your money was missing? How would you feel if you competed in a bike race, but had to peddle eight times as much as the other racers to match their pace? Probably exactly how I felt when I realized that only 15% of the CBD I was taking was actually having any effect.

How is this possible?

When we ingest CBD there is only a portion that actually affects your body—this is known as bioavailability, and it has everything to do with how much CBD is diffused into the bloodstream. And depending on how we ingest CBD, the amount that successfully makes it into our bloodstream could be surprisingly low.

In fact, when we eat CBD products there is only 15% bioavailability, meaning only 15% of that CBD hits the bloodstream and delivers Its healthful benefits. We’re losing 85% of that CBD goodness!

One factor to blame is what’s known as the “first-pass effect.” When CBD is consumed it must first pass through the liver. The main function of the liver is to act as a filter. Blood passes through the filter before moving back into circulation. While this is a good and important function for the body, when it comes to CBD we may not be pleased with the results. As CBD passes through the liver its bioactive abilities are reduced, making it less effective.

We need to avoid the first-pass effect to maximize bioavailability. That’s where vaping comes in. With vaping, CBD enters your lungs, bypassing the hindering effects of the gut and liver, and diffuses straight into the bloodstream—producing an impressive bioavailability rate of up to 60%! This enables the CBD to deliver similar results in much smaller quantities.

Vaping’s direct path through the lungs not only enables us to consume less CBD with similar results, but it works much more quickly—30 minutes to even an hour faster.

Vaping CBD is the clear choice for effectiveness and efficiency. We wouldn’t settle for receiving 15% of our paycheck, and we wouldn’t stick to a workout routine that produced only a small fraction of the promised results. Let’s expect more of our CBD experience. Let’s make the most of our time and our investment. Let’s vape.

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