The Importance of Lab Tested Hemp Extract

My kids gasped in horror at the grocery store last week. I had reached for a box of cereal, and their faces revealed their terror, Isn’t that the cereal that has pesticides in it?

A quick google search told me they were right, which led to a lot of questions about why companies would use toxic substances in their food production—why don’t they care if pesticides make their way into their products—and how is this ok? (Spoiler, it’s not ok.)

We live in a culture of shortcuts. We see this in the long lines at the drive through for cheap, processed food. We see it in the rise of fad diets. And we see it in the quality level of many of today’s consumer products.

Companies often value profit over people—the bottom line over quality. This is how we end up with food that isn’t food, products that don’t match their marketing, and cereal laden with pesticides. Sadly, this is true even in the health and wellness market, which means even when you think you’re making healthy choices, you’d better do your research.

It’s surprising that products that are sold as health aids are not always so healthy. As awareness grows for CBD’s benefits, it seems that new products are popping up daily—but many of these products aren’t checked for potency and clean ingredients. The only way to know who to trust is through lab-testing from an unbiased third party.

At Pro Vibe Life people come before profits, and we are passionate about quality products that are safe and effective for our community. Every one of our product is third party lab-tested to prove that we’re using the amount of CBD we say we are, because potency and transparency matter.

Our products are also tested for artificial additives, THC, and pesticides. We firmly believe that trying to get healthy shouldn’t make you sick. And we firmly believe that as a consumer, you should be able to clearly and easily sort through the noise to find a quality product.

Get the most out of your efforts toward health and a thriving lifestyle. Take the time to check products for third-party testing. Take a look at the results (you can find these linked on each of our product pages). Do your research. And make sure you’re getting the healthy, clean CBD you want.

View our lab results here.

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