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Why Does My Vape Crystalize?

A few years ago my dad started tapping trees to make maple syrup—there’s no way to fully describe my excitement. Maple syrup has a special place in my heart. I only ever eat pancakes or waffles as an excuse to douse something in maple-goodness. I have participated in a legit maple syrup tasting in Canada. I used to get a small container of the good stuff in my Christmas stocking as a child.

When my dad produced his own delicious batch I savored it, knowing we wouldn’t get another jar until the following spring. But one weekend, while cooking up some waffles, I pulled out my precious jar and was shocked to see crystals instead of syrup. Still delicious, but definitely not pourable—definitely not able to overflow all those little waffle squares. What on earth had happened?

If you’ve been enjoying the benefits of vaping CBD you may have experienced the same phenomenon. It’s not uncommon to find crystals in your vape cartridge and panic, wondering what is wrong.

But in both the case of the maple syrup, as well as with your CBD cartridge, you can rest easy. While the crystals may catch us off guard, there’s no reason for alarm—the crystals are natural, safe, and not a sign of a defective product. In fact, those crystals are actually a sign of high quality CBD. Surprised?

Scientifically, the higher the concentration of CBD in the cartridge, the more likely it is to crystalize. With a high potency mixture there is so much CBD within the liquid that the CBD sometimes begins to granulate, forming crystals. This is a similar reaction we see sometimes with high quality honey that has a high sugar concentration—and you guessed it, dad’s maple syrup.

A crystalized CBD vape cartridge is also a sign of a pure product. Some companies use additives to block this natural process, using inhibitors for this very reason. But at Pro Vibe Life we don’t compromise on quality. We are committed to keeping all Pro Vibe products pure and additive free for the health and wellbeing of our customers.

When you see crystals forming in your CBD, don’t panic, and don’t throw it out! There are several easy ways to rectify the situation and maximize your vape cartridge. Let those crystals serve as a reminder that you’ve chosen a high quality product that you can feel good about, and then use every last drop.

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